Inspiration for simple/different construction – the house of three tents

Check out this place:

Sorry I can’t find a way to embed the video in this post (any suggestions welcome), but I think this place is pretty amazing.  No, not for the opulence of the setting and some of the furnishings, but for the vast array of building ideas that it sparks for me.

No need to buy the frame, it looks pretty simple to make. Even some non-structural pine framing from Bunnings would still be pretty cheap.  Add recycled windows from the secondhand timber yard.

No need to buy or make the tents, maybe old advertising banners would cover the frame equally well.

How about the pipe work on the deck.  Looks an awful lot like I could build the same with some steel fence pipe sections and fittings and some cage mesh from the hardware.

I love it when the videos show so much of the construction details.  This is definitely filed away in the “inspirational ideas” folder.