What we cover in this blog

You will find two main kinds of posts in this blog.  The first will be about our journey toward a sustainable way of life on our 35 ha in the Helidon Hills.  In these posts we will describe how we have tried to develop a variety of “life support” systems, ranging from mundane topics such as our waste management approaches to how we try to arrive at an ecologically sustainable way of managing the bushland for which we have assumed stewardship.

The second kind of post will be about the efforts of the residents (and government) in the Lockyer Valley Region to achieve sustinable lifestyles and resource use.

At this stage the life support systems in place or under development include: stand-alone PV solar power; off-mains water supply (all collected from rain on the roofs of our buildings); solar hot water; wood-fired heating; passive solar building design; greywater treatment; composting toilets (indoor and outdoor); worm farms; compost making; vegetable growing (in-ground and wicking pots); weed control; and vegetation mosaic fire management.

We aren’t clear yet exactly what will feature in the posts on the efforts of others to be sustainable in the Region, but for sure it will range from the initiatives of some remarkable individuals to large-scale organic agriculture.

Please, join us in this journey of discovery, and become involved in the discussion.

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