Gluten-free corn-bread recipe

P1050862_GF bread loaves_web

I know that there’s no obvious connection between gluten-free cooking and sustainability, but I think that the more we can take charge of our own health and diet, the more sustainable our lives, and society generally, will be.

We have had to develop our own collection of recipes, and frequently to invent recipes that suited our diets.

This gluten-free corn bread recipe is also egg-free and dairy-free, and if the yeast is replaced with baking powder it can be yeast-free too.

Some people at a workshop on simple living I attended last weekend asked me for this recipe, so I thought maybe I’d start an irregular feature of gluten-free food posts.  This first recipe can be found  here.  Good luck with it.

The two-day workshop was organised by the Citizens of the Lockyer with funding from the Lockyer Valley Regional Council, and run by Rhonda Hetzel from Down to Earth blog.  Rhonda is an inspiring speaker and generated a real buzz in the group, with lots of discussion and sharing of experiences and ideas.

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