Future directions?

I’m starting to think I’ll get this blog back to issues on sustainability more directly related to the Lockyer Valley.  I know that the big issues that I’ve been canvassing of late have everything to do with whether or not life and land use in the Lockyer Valley are sustainable – only someone with tunnel vision could deny it.  But my original aim in starting this blog was to give an account of our attempts, and those of others in the Lockyer, to live and work more sustainably.

And I have to admit that right now, ground down as I am by the pitiful spectacle that our political masters are making of themselves in this election campaign, I yearn for simpler issues.  Maybe I’ll start another blog about the big issues, and maybe it could contain other material, like just how much Australia has moved away from being the country of the “Fair go” for all.  Or maybe not …

Anyway, to start on the path to simpler things, here’s what seems to me to be a typical view of the Lockyer Valley.  It’s one of the rejects from a photographic assignment I did five or six years ago.  No title needed.

WaterCannon_DSCF0955_BLOG small

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