One more reason we love living here

This is the morning view to the west from our access track alongside the house a couple of weeks ago.  The sun was coming through a break in a huge fog bank to the east.

The msit is lying in the valley of Lilydale Creek and its tributaries.  Our western boundary runs along the top of the first ridge (with the light on it).  Beyond that is all Lockyer National Park – around 9,000 hectares of it, and no fence between us and the Park.  In that direction there isn’t another house for maybe 10 km.  We heard a Koala calling from somewhere down in the first gully (below the dark foreground trees) a couple of nights ago.

For those who have seen the Helidon Hills Smokespotters web site, the smoke in the page title photo on that site was from a large bushfire that had just crossed into this catchment at the top right of this photo.

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